Hello, and thank you for considering the Amador Business Ticker to advertise your business!

Editor Eric ButowI’m Eric Butow, editor of the Amador Business Ticker. I own Butow Communications Group in Jackson, and last year I found myself asking that very question I wrote in the subject line.

As I drove around Amador County, I always wondered what was going on in the county, but I couldn’t find any information in local media. I also didn’t know the best way to advertise my business locally.

I’m the type of person who decides to do something when a need isn’t being met, So, I started the Amador Business Ticker in May 2020, which I call the Ticker for short.

I publish new feature stories in the Ticker weekly. I also eat out once a week with my mother, and we publish a new food review (mostly) every week of a restaurant in the county.

And any business news website wouldn’t be complete without resources available at any time, including contacts for cities, Amador County, and the county’s active Facebook groups.

The goal of the Amador Business Ticker is to be a less-cluttered online magazine that focuses on in-depth news and interviews with business people so you can connect with them.

Here are where the two types of ads are on the Amador Business Ticker website.

Amador Business Ticker ad locations

Option 1: Supporting Ads

That’s my thinking behind advertising, too. I wanted 8 large ads that stand out on the home page, and each square ad is 200 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. I want your business to stand out to readers.

I wanted to offer more with advertising, too. That’s why I added two other features to the Ticker advertising plan:

  • Monthly Google Analytics reports so you can see how your ad performs, delivered on the first of the following month.
  • An individual social media post with your ad up to 50 words of descriptive text that you supply. Your ad will appear on Wednesday in the Ticker social media profiles.
  • Occasional updates for advertisers as news warrants.

In addition to the over 1,000 weekly readers of the Ticker, the Ticker social media pages have had good organic growth on social media. Our largest following is on Instagram, with 219 followers and counting.

And all this is for $20 per month.

You can lock in the Ticker feature ad plan for 12 months for $199 per year, which comes out to $16.58 per month.

Option 2: Sponsored Ad

If you want higher visibility and more outreach, then become our sponsored advertiser. As our sponsor, you get:

  • A 290-pixel square ad at the top right area of every page on the Ticker website.
  • Sponsor ads on the Ticker social media profiles, including the ad and a 100-word text blurb, every Monday and Friday.
  • Google Analytics monthly reports, too.

All it costs to be a sponsored advertiser for 12 months is $499 per year, which comes out to $41.58 per month.

As with the featured ad plans, this offer is only good for Amador Chamber of Commerce members for a limited time.

Thank you again for considering becoming an advertiser for the Amador Business Ticker, and for reading all the way through to the end of this message. Please fill out the form below to let me know what you’re interested in and if you have any comments or questions!

In the meantime, I hope you have a happy and safe rest of your 2020.

Eric Butow
Amador Business Ticker