After today, you’ll be able to read Ticker news updates exclusively on our Facebook group. What’s more, if you haven’t followed the page, this is a perfect opportunity to do so because I won’t be posting reminders on local Facebook groups for the foreseeable future.

The Ticker also has an Instagram profile, and last week we gained follower number 500. Thank you to our entire Ticker community. I’ll continue to post updates on our Instagram profile as well with links to our Facebook media page and up to ten photos in each post.

I’m doing this because my health is getting worse. Last year, I was diagnosed with COPD, and I’m happy to say it’s getting worse slowly. The bigger problem I have now is with the regulation of my body temperature. I’m a lot colder more often throughout my body, though sometimes I’m a lot warmer. I’m working with my neurologist to find out if the cause is in my brain or if I’ll need to look for another answer.

My health issues are making it harder for me to concentrate and use my time well. And what time I have needs to be focused on work that pays me and my creditors. A lot of that paid work is writing technology and business books.

Eric Butow Christmas Day 2021Digital Etiquette for Dummies will be published next month. I’m writing a business book for Entrepreneur Press, and when I’m done with that my editor wants me to write a follow-up business book. Soon I’ll start writing the second edition of Instagram for Dummies. The contract details for yet another Dummies book are being hashed out between Wiley, the publisher, and the company that produces the product I’ll be writing about.

And this doesn’t include the website development I do for several clients in my own business.

As much as I like learning about what’s happening with businesses and events in Amador County, writing long articles and food reviews takes up too much of my time. Posting short updates and food reviews on Facebook and Instagram, where my readers are, makes a lot of sense right now.

You’ll still be able to view all past feature articles and food reviews here on the website, and this site isn’t going anywhere. I hope that I’ll be able to manage my health issues sooner rather than later, and I hope I’ll be able to do that while staying here in Jackson. If I can, then I’ll figure out how I can best use my time every day.

Thank you for coming on this ride with me, and I’m looking forward to sharing more updates about businesses here in Amador County.

More soon,
Eric Butow
Amador Business Ticker

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