Last week, I decided to take a walkabout around downtown Jackson to see what was happening and report back to you. I hope to do some more walkabouts in other cities this summer. In the meantime, let’s start at Water Street in Jackson, and talk about the changes and some opportunities if you’re thinking of doing business in the city.

19 Water Street JacksonA building at 19 Water Street across the street from the Amador Ledger-Dispatch building has been redeveloped. This building was Beyond the Pond Antiques many moons ago and then sat vacant for years. Today, the redeveloped building appears to be a private residence with an SUV parked in the driveway and a plastic patio and chair set just outside the front door. It’s proof of the mixed-use residential and commercial approach in downtown Jackson.

South End

Curving around onto Main Street, Crucible Jewelry Studios at 27 Main, Suite A, is holding a going out of business sale as of this writing. The sign on the door says the business is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Co-owner Diane Gassaway died in July 2020, so it seems that the business has run its course. Next door, PMZ Real Estate closed its doors last year. So, the entire first-floor area at 27 Main will be completely empty—possibly for the first time ever—unless another business is waiting in the wings.

44 and 46 Main StreetThe building housing businesses at 44 and 46 Main Street was sold in January, and now the building has a new paint job with various shades of blue and gold accents. It seems the building will also need a new tenant as the office space at 46 Main Street, which housed Century 21 Tri-Dam Realty, is now empty and for rent. HomeBridge Financial Services at
44 Main Street is open for business.

North End

When I walked on the east side of Main Street and looked at
the Train Town Candies building at 139 Main, I noticed the top of the building had a new red-and-white-striped paint job. I soon discovered why when I looked in the window and saw a sign that said the business is for sale. The owners, Terry and Barbara Wierschem, have owned the business for over 20 years and are now ready to retire. Train Town Candies sells all sorts of candies, fudge, ice cream, a wide variety of puzzles, and more.

Train Town CandiesThe Bella Donna Wax Salon next door at 145 Main has black plastic tarps over its windows and a May 15 post on its Facebook profile page said that the salon was closed for good. It’s unclear at this time if the current owner will start a new business or if the building will be available for rent.

Jumping Frog Games, formerly at 162 Main Street, has moved to 60 Main Street, Suite 6, in Sutter Creek, which is in the Sutter Creek Plaza. The location that housed the Upstairs restaurant many moons ago is empty once again.

And a Bonus!

I have a couple of restaurant updates for you to end the month of June.

Flotsam at Vextor Boba Tea Lounge under constructionIt seems Vextor Boba Tea Lounge will not open this month. The property management company, Kennedy Wilson Properties, has a sign on the window with safety instructions for pre-approved visitors. I went around the corner and looked at the open window on the floor of the restaurant and saw pieces of plastic plants along with a pile of furniture pieces, so it looks like they have more work ahead. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since the beginning of June, and a message asking for an update hasn’t been returned as of this writing.

Strings Italian Café sent a message to its e-mail list telling people that the restaurant is closed temporarily as of June 21. The e-mail message tells its customers they’re “working hard to bring you a new and improved dining experience,” though it’s not clear if the restaurant is being remodeled, the menu is being revamped, or both. The message also said it’s hiring several people including line and prep cooks, a dishwasher, a server, and a host/busser. Once Strings reopens, we’ll have a new food review for you.

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