As we’re now in April and the second quarter of 2021 has begun, it’s a good time to gander at the list of recent fictitious business name statements and see which businesses are coming, going, and (maybe) changing hands.

Got Junk?

For many, spring means cleaning. If you need junk removed from your home or business, it appears you will have another local company to choose from soon. Haulin’ Ace Junk Removal has filed a fictitious name statement to do business at 816 N. Main St. in Jackson. A quick check of Google Maps revealed that this will likely be a home-based business.

Handing Off

You may have used Handy Bob’s handyman service as my parents did. Handy Bob’s and its sister company Robert F. Mistron Construction, which are both located at 302 Center St. in Jackson, have filed a statement of abandonment for the use of those business names.

Main Street PlymouthA new fictitious name statement for Handy Bob’s has been filed by Richard Willis, who has his business in Orangevale. This new statement says Willis has not commenced business yet, but you may hear more about a new Handy Bob’s in the coming weeks and months.

Got Wine?

Two new vineyards have filed fictitious business name statements. Frannie’s Vineyard is located on Shenandoah School Road in Plymouth, but it has not commenced operations as of this writing. This vineyard has neighbors Cooper Vineyards to the west and Terra d’Oro to the southwest.

Cazadd Cellars is located on Highway 88 in Jackson west of Sunset View Cemetery, and the winery is in business. Though there is an entrance to the winery on the north end of Highway 88, there is nothing as of this writing to note that Cazadd Cellars is accepting visitors for wine tasting. We’ll have more as we drive between Jackson and Ione to see if and when that changes.

Changing or Going?

The Main Event Sports Lounge, which is located at 105 Main Street in Jackson and has been a fixture on Main Street for decades, has filed a statement of abandonment of the use of their fictitious business name. The business has been owned by married couple Richard and Jacqueline Harrison, but statements of abandonment could mean several things. One is that the Main Event may be changing owners, as appears to be the case with Handy Bob’s.


A new fictitious name statement has been filed for a restaurant called Saluti’s, and the owner is Shirley Saravia of Ione. The restaurant will be located at 719 South Highway 49 in Jackson.

Juniper trees at Amador Plaza shopping center MartellIf that address sounds familiar, this is the old location of Wing It on 49, which was a small restaurant that focused on hot dogs and wings. Before that, it used to be a Quiznos Sub and a Starbucks. The word saluti is Italian for regards, so it seems Saluti’s may be an Italian restaurant of some kind.

Speaking of Wing It on 49, the restaurant has gone away but the business hasn’t. Co-owners Justin Valencia and Manuel Duarte have been working to sell small business bonds to create the Wing It on Wheels food truck. Their Facebook profile says that they believe their new food truck will offer an alternative to the several food trucks in the area that all offer Mexican food. As of this writing, Wing It on Wheels has raised $28,000 of the maximum $40,000 Valencia and Duarte want to raise.

We’re working to get more information about Wing It on Wheels for a future feature article here in the Ticker. Watch this space.

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