Welcome to March. Now that meteorological spring is here, though we’ll have to wait 19 more days for the spring equinox, it’s a good time to find out what’s happening with some county businesses of interest.

Don Luis in Jackson

Don Luis Mexican Restaurant not only serves food at their Ione restaurant; they also have a catering food truck. The former Galli Insurance building next to Jon’s Pit Stop on Highway 49/88 now has the Don Luis food truck parked and doing business in front of the building.

The Galli Insurance overhead sign is still up and though the building has a new paint job and a new front awning, there doesn’t seem to be any other visible changes to the building. You can still enter the property and purchase food from the truck, and we’ll have a food review of the food either in the truck or after the restaurant moves into the building.

Physical Therapy Movement

Fitzpatrick Physical Therapy Martell CaliforniaIf you’re familiar with the southeastern corner of the Amador Ridge Plaza shopping center that houses Mueller’s Elite Training, then you know that when you face that building and then look to your right, you see a separate building with a chiropractor’s office in one half and empty space in the other.

That empty space is empty no longer. Construction crews are working to get the building ready to house Fitzpatrick Physical Therapy sometime in March. Fitzpatrick Physical Therapy will be moving from its current location in the New York Ranch Center next to New York Fitness. Now if you have any issues from training your body at Mueller’s, you can get help from a chiropractor and physical therapy right next door.

Game Over

If you’ve driven by the entrance to Amador Ridge Plaza, you may have seen people on the sidewalk with signs promoting the impending closure of GameStop. Despite the recent stock market adventures with GameStop stock, the company has new leadership that has decided to close its physical stores and resume its business online only.

The signs the people hold say that the discounts are currently 40 percent off and that fixtures in the store are for sale as well. As we get closer to the final liquidation date, expect steeper discounts. If you’re a business that may need fixtures for your store, or if you’re a gamer looking for some deals, stop by the local GameStop at 12030 Industry Blvd., Suite 15.

Boba…Tea, not Fett

12240 Industry Boulevard Suite 75 MartellAmador Ridge Plaza has a second new restaurant opening coming soon. A fictitious name statement has been filed by Vy Nguyen in Rancho Cordova to open Vextor Boba at 12240 Industry Blvd., Suite 75. That location was originally a yogurt shop and then the party room for Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. The space has sat empty since Dickey’s closed its Martell location as part of a round of closures to try to return the chain to profitability.

It’s reasonable to presume that Vextor Boba will serve Boba, or bubble tea, that originated in Taiwan and has grown in popularity in the U.S. Boba tea includes tea, milk, ice, sugar, and chewy tapioca pearls. Boba also comes in a variety of flavors and with different toppings.

The location still has a CBRE availability sign attached to the front window, so it seems you will have to wait for your Boba fix for a little while longer. Vextor Boba will join several other Asian food restaurants—Vermicelli, Thai Siam, and Oko Sushi—in the same food court area.

One Out, One In

The Cocina Michoacana restaurant in Jackson closed its doors in the Jackson Creek Plaza at the end of January. There is already a new banner above the front doors saying that a new restaurant, La Esmeralda, will open in its place soon.

It seems that La Esmeralda planned to replace Cocina Michoacana before the latter restaurant closed because the banners seemed to go up right away. There is no word about when La Esmeralda will be open, but soon after it does, we’ll have a food review here in the Ticker, too.

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