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Before you read on, here are some important notes to remember:

  • This article only  Facebook groups that allow businesses to promote itself on that group. Some groups have tighter restrictions on what types of business-related posts are allowed.
  • Private Facebook groups can be found through a Facebook search, but require you to be approved by the group administrators. The admins may also ask you some questions to gauge your fitness for joining the group.
  • If a county news Facebook profile has an existing website, we include that information at the end of the profile description.
  • Descriptions are lightly edited from the original descriptions available on the groups’ About tabs.

Public Facebook Groups and Pages

Amador-Calaveras Small Businesses

This group is for small business owners to network with other small businesses in both Amador and Calaveras counties.

Amador Community News

Amador Community News (ACN) is an online news, media, information, and resource website for Amador County. You can also read their stores on their website.

Amador Ledger Dispatch

The Amador Ledger Dispatch is a weekly newspaper published every Friday and serves Amador and Calaveras counties. You can also read news and more on their website.

AmadorVille Buy & Sell

This is a buy and sell group with the following posting guidelines for businesses:

  • If you make craft items, or work at home in a legitimate business that is licensed within your city, and you’re not an independent distributor of a corporation-based home business, then it is okay to post here up to once per day as permitted for all businesses that are local.
  • No spamming the group with weight loss, work from home, or diet/health product ads of any kind.
  • If you are selling a knock off and not an authentic designer item, you must say so.
  • Local community fundraisers must be approved by the moderators.
KVGC 1340 AM and 96.5 FM

You can tune into this radio station broadcasting classic rock and local talk shows for Amador and Calaveras counties at 1340 AM or 96.5 FM. Listen to the livestream on the KVGC website or from their app that you can download from the site.

Motherlode Curbside Restaurants & Wineries

This group posts information from restaurants, wineries, and tasting rooms that offer take-out and curbside service in Amador, El Dorado, and Calaveras counties.

Motherlode Small Business

This group posts information about goods and services from most businesses in Amador, El Dorado, and Calaveras counties.

This group does not allow postings from restaurants, wineries, and tasting rooms. Those businesses must post on the Motherlode Curbside Restaurants & Wineries Facebook group.

RTV Amador

This Facebook page publishes live broadcasts with shows, concerts, and event coverage for viewers in Amador County. RTV Amador also has a YouTube channel.

Private Facebook Groups

Amador County Buy and Sell Here

This buy and sell group only allows posts from small, at-home craft businesses. If you post any other business ads, including work from home ads, the moderator will delete you from the group.

Amador Yard Sale

This community yard sale group allows merchants to post information about their business once every Monday.

The Scoop in Amador County

This county news group posts information about current events as well as reminiscences about the past. The group does not allow business ads.

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