Taste a Go-Go is a food truck that Taste Restaurant food truck started in late 2019 as a way to meet the demand for Taste food on-site at county events.

Taste a Go-Go also keeps their truck parked in the dirt lot at the corner of Highway 49 and Main Street in Plymouth from Wednesdays through Fridays so you can order lunch or dinner. The menu at Taste a Go-Go is separate from the restaurant menu, and most Taste a Go-Go food has lower prices than what you find at the restaurant.

The Taste a Go-Go website, which is also separate from the Taste Restaurant website, allows you to order directly from the site so you can pick up your food later, but be careful: The ordering website Taste uses has a menu that’s a little different from the menu on the primary site. Order from the primary website menu, because that’s the same menu that’s printed on the side of the food truck.

I ordered a Highway 49 Burger, and my mother ordered a Taste Burger. Both burgers come with a choice of fries or salad, and my mother and I chose salad to make our meals a little healthier. The burgers came in their own cardboard delivery boxes, and each salad came in their own delivery boxes, too. All the boxes came stacked within a plastic bag.

My mother and I don’t go to Plymouth very often, so we missed the truck the first time we looked for it as we drove north on Highway 49 and west on Main Street. Once we looped around and drove east on Main Street, we looked to the right and saw the black food truck in the middle of the dirt lot between Plymouth Trading Post and Prospect Cellars.

There was plenty of room in the large dirt lot to park our car. When I got to the order window, the employee told me it would be a minute, but it turned out to be a couple more than that. I was served by two cheerful and hard-working employees working in the truck

My Meal

The Highway 49 Burger is one of two burgers that Taste a Go-Go offers. This barbecue bacon burger includes cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, and mayonnaise squeezed in between toasted buns. You can replace the beef patty with an Impossible Burger patty for an additional $3.00.

The first thing I noticed about the burger was the bun. The top and bottom buns were of almost equal thickness and coated with black and white sesame seeds. I also noticed that the meat patty wasn’t visible—it was covered with bacon and especially with the large chunk of lettuce and the large slice of tomato.

When I took my first bite of the burger, I got a mouthful of beef and (mostly) bacon. As I ate through the burger, the taste of the bacon was overwhelmed at first by the barbecue sauce and mayonnaise. Then I reached the large slice of tomato, which it seems came from a local farm due to the very fresh taste. The downside of such a fresh tomato is that its taste overwhelmed everything.

Taste a Go-Go Highway 49 Burger

Indeed, I had to stop and pick out small chunks of meat so I could taste it separately. The meat seemed to be cooked medium, and it was flavorful. However, the quarter-pound patty stood no chance against the rest of the condiments, so all the patty (and cheddar cheese) added was density. I saw one or two onions peeking through the bun, but they didn’t make an appearance on my tongue.

The large amount of produce made handling the burger a challenge. Large pieces of lettuce fell from the hunk of fresh lettuce on the burger. and all the barbecue sauce and mayonnaise slathered over it kept me reaching for napkins. Fortunately, the buns held up well from the first bite to the last.

The burger also came with two dill pickle spears on the side, and each spear had a soft outside and crunchy peel.

Mom’s Meal

The Taste Burger is the other burger offered on the Taste a Go-Go menu. This burger also has two large buns with black and white sesame seeds. Between the buns lie a quarter-pound beef patty, mushrooms, bacon jam, goat cheese aioli, and arugula.

The bun wasn’t holding up very well for my mother as she worked her way through it, and we suspect the large amount of aioli was the reason. My mother also noted that she couldn’t taste much of the burger because the other condiments overwhelmed the taste of the meat patty.

Taste a Go-Go Taste Burger

When she neared the end of her burger, she stopped, opened up the burger, and scraped off a lot of the goat cheese aioli from the bun. My mother is somewhat lactose intolerant, so she reached her limit with the burger, and she had a few pieces of bun that she ended up not eating since her stomach couldn’t handle it.

As with the Highway 49 Burger, replacing the beef patty with an Impossible Burger patty will set you back another $3.00. The Taste Burger comes with one dill pickle spear on the side.

The Verdict

We both agreed that the salads were fresh and crispy with plenty of arugula, radicchio, cherry tomato halves, sliced cucumbers, and slices of red onion. The salad didn’t come with any dressing, but that didn’t bother us. There was so much salad, though, that my mother saved hers for lunch the next day.

My mother commented that she was glad that she wasn’t eating the burger in a restaurant, and especially not on a first date. Her condiments dripped out of her burger just as easily as it did with mine.

Taste a Go-Go side salad

The produce was easily the freshest we’ve ever had with a burger. But the patty is too small to give the burgers a good balance. The size of the patty reminded me of the Rosebud’s Café burger patty, but Rosebud’s took it easy with the condiments to make the beef the star of the show.

The chefs at Taste need to step back and re-evaluate their burgers so they can balance it out without making it so large that eating it would be a chore.

Yellow light from both of us.

The cost of both our meals was a little over $35.

Want to Try Them?

You can visit the Taste a Go-Go website for the latest hours, locations, and menus. You can also call them at 209-245-3463.

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