For our first meal after the stay-at-home order went into effect, I bought take-out food from Highway House Restaurant & Bar, which is located at 627 South Highway 49 in Jackson within the Mother Lode Plaza shopping center.

When we ordered, Highway House offered 35 percent off all orders from their streamlined menu. My mother called Highway House ahead of time to order and give debit card information. The order process went smoothly and I drove into the side door of the restaurant about 20 minutes later.

A row of tables were set up in the dining room with a nice lady standing behind them, and the large bag of food was on the table and ready for me. The pickup process took less than two minutes.

My Meal

I ordered the patty melt and a side of fruit instead of fries. The fruit included large slices of orange and watermelon as well as two large slices of cantaloupe.

The patty melt had a half-pound of beef squeezed into two slices of toasted rye bread. The large and evenly-cooked patty covered nearly the entire area of rye bread, so I had a consistent experience from the first bite to (almost) the last.

A look at the patty within the patty melt

Swiss cheese and grilled onions were placed on both sides of the patty. Thousand island dressing wasn’t included. The good news about not having dressing is that I tasted the rye bread and beef, but the swiss cheese and grilled onions weren’t strong enough to give any additional flavor.

The fruit had good color and had enough flavor, but were otherwise unremarkable.

Mom’s Meal

My mother ordered a filet of grilled salmon, mashed potatoes and gravy, house salad, and mixed vegetables with carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.

The salmon was flavorful and tender, and it came with a container of dill sauce for dipping and/or spreading on the filet.

The Highway House Atlantic salmon meal

The mashed potatoes had the right amount of gravy, and the vegetables were steamed long enough to remain firm and cut easily.

The portions were so large that she put the house salad into the refrigerator. The lettuce had the right amount of dressing so the lettuce wasn’t soggy, even after being in the fridge overnight.

The Verdict

The patty melt left a strong rye aftertaste for hours after eating it, but that’s to be expected with rye bread. And so far, it’s the best patty melt I’ve eaten. Thumbs up for the large patty and large slices of fruit.

My mother gave thumbs up for her entire meal.

At full price, the overall cost was about $36.

Want to Try Them?

Visit the Highway House Facebook page to get the latest menu and pickup hours. You can also give them a call at 209-257-0800.

Amador Business Ticker food reviews are adventures in local dining with Editor Eric Butow and his mom.