Brickhouse Brews is another restaurant where my mother and I can’t go because the noise reverberating off wood floors and exposed brick is far too loud for us. However, Brickhouse Brews offers takeout service from their streamlined menu, so we ordered dinner from them on May 6.

On that day, Brickhouse Brews promoted an “animal style” burger on its Facebook page, so I took advantage of that. My mother ordered the Pacific cod sandwich.

My Meal

The “animal style” burger has a six-ounce patty, which sits between one-third and one-half pound. It also comes with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and thousand island dressing. You also get your choice of several sides, and I chose the onion rings.

One quality of a good burger is having a patty that covers the entire bun. This burger delivered, perhaps because the evenly cooked, medium rare patty is cooked on a flat top.

I wasn’t able to taste the cheese or grilled onions very well, but they added texture. The produce was fresh and tasteful, and the burger itself wasn’t too messy.

Brickhouse Brews animal style burger and onion rings

The herb focaccia bun was a pleasant surprise. It was a bun that I smelled as I ate each bite, but the taste of the herbs stayed in the background. The bun itself was sturdy on both top and bottom.

I received nine onion rings of varying sizes and a small cup of ketchup. The onion rings were fried perfectly, but the breading had very little seasoning and the onions were mild. They also didn’t weigh on my stomach as some onion rings do, especially if they’re fried too long. If there is such a thing as light onion rings, I found them.

A half hour after I finished dinner, I noticed something: I didn’t have any aftertaste from the burger at all.

Mom’s Meal

The fish sandwich contained a fried fish filet, leaf lettuce, large slices of tomato, large slices of red onion, and mayonnaise within a thin French roll. The sandwich was sliced in half for easier eating. A large cup of tartar sauce came with the sandwich, but my mother chose to eat the sandwich without it.

The Brickhouse Brews Pacific cod sandwich

My mother took off most of the red onions. Even so, the lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise helped mask the fish taste to the point where my mother remarked that she couldn’t taste it. When she took a bite of just the fish, though, she definitely tasted it.

She also ordered fries and received a generous helping of shoestring fries that had the right amount of salt. She saved most of the fries for lunch the next day, and she reported the fries were still good after a night in the fridge.

Brickhouse Brews included plenty of shoestring fries

The Verdict

The “animal style” burger is the best burger from a local restaurant, and one of the best burgers, that I’ve ever eaten. Hopefully, Brickhouse Brews will make it part of their regular menu.

My mother said you need a big mouth to eat everything that comes with the Pacific cod sandwich, and she gave her meal a hearty thumbs up.

The overall cost was about $26.

Want to Try Them?

Visit the Brickhouse Brews Facebook page to get the latest menu and pickup hours. You can also give them a call at 209-223-3580.

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